Laboratory Facilities | Shree Venkateshwara

Laboratory Facilities

BERNOULLIS – Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is well equipped with flow measuring devices in pipes and flow measurements in open channels. Facilities are available for calibration of flow measuring devices as well as pressure testing of pipes and pumps
Bernoulli’s theorem
Metacentric height equipment
Pitot tube assembly
Open channel flow measurement
Flow measurement in pipes
Single stage Centrifugal pump assembly
Multi stage Centrifugal pump assembly
Reciprocating pump assembly
Deep well pump assembly
Impulse turbine assembly
Francis turbine assembly
Kaplan turbine assembly
GEORGE EVEREST – Surveying Laboratory
Surveying labs provide students with hands-on experience to supplement instruction in surveying courses. The facilities and equipment of this laboratory are also being used extensively for consultancy works. The introductory course exposes students to the fundamental land surveying methods of traversing and leveling etc.
Electronic Total station
Global positioning system (GPS)
Dumpy Levels
Pocket stereoscope
Distance Meter
Dr.M.S.SWAMINATHAN – Environmental Engineering Laboratory
The Environmental Engineering laboratory is well equipped with latest equipment’s and testing facilities in the area of drinking water quality, waste water analysis and salt contents in soil etc
Oxygen Analyzer
UV Spectro photo meter and Digital Flame Photometer
Ion – selective Analyzer and BOD Incubator
C.O.D Apparatus,Jar Test Apparatus and Chlorine Comparator
Digital Conductivity Meter,Digital pH meter,Desiccators and Vacuum pump
Refrigerator,Water bath,Hot air oven,Kjeldahl digestion unit and Digital Naphelometer
EULER- Strength of Materials Laboratory
Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications.
Universal Testing Machine(UTM)-400KN
Compression Testing Machine (CTM) – 1000 kN
Spring Testing Machine and Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine and Torsion Testing Machine
Air Permeability Apparatus and Le Chateliers apparatus
Binocular Metallurgical Microscope and Binocular Metallurgical Microscope
Impact Testing Machine and Beam deflection tests